Finalists IDEAMODA: Yordan Ginkov

IDEAMODA finalist - Yordan Ginkov

Yordan Ginkov graduated from MA in Fashion and Business Strategies at New Bulgarian University in 2016. He worked as a stylist for NOVA BROADCASTING GROUP and freelance productions.
After graduating, he created the fashion brand DAN GINKOV, addressing the philosophy of freedom of self-expression, sexuality and fantasy. Among the allegations that not everything is sex, and vice versa - that everything is sex, sexuality remains in the background - one of the basic needs related to individuality and experience. Through fashion collections, shows an attitude that it is not a cunning but a natural phenomenon of thoughts, preferences, and fantasies that have no limits.
The Mini Pilot Collection SOFTCORE, with which he participates in IDEAMODA, focuses on the striking charisma, utilitarian style, quality fabrics and leather goods. Combining modernity with eternity, femininity and dominance, products touch, inspire, penetrate ...

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