Finalists IDEAMODA: Boryana Petrova

IDEAMODA finalist - Boryana Petrova

Boryana Petrova graduated from NBU in 2018 with MA in Fashion and Business strategies. Her previous academic experience is in a wide range of disciplines - MA in Digital Art (NAA) and BA in Painting (NAA). During 2017 her graduate collection Biotrace is shown at Balkan Fashion week, Feeric FW and Milan FW. Selected pieces from the collection are presented on the pages of ELLE Italy, Za Jenata (Bulgarian lifestyle magazine) as well during the international design platform BIG SEE in Ljubljana.
Her collections share an amplified color usage - unique busy prints in contrast with calm one-color sets. Another element to the collections is the clash between silhouettes that are socially assumed as menswear against such that are considered womenswear. This interaction creates potential for the sets to be read in new ways in regards to gender normativity.
The finalist collection for Idea Moda is inspired by the textures and colors of coral reefs. All prints glow under black light. A big part of the garments are achieved through handcrafted textile manipulation. These pieces are part of the slow fashion movement in garment production which creates every piece of clothing as a unique artwork, thus guiding the attention of fashion users towards one of the issues harming the endangered reefs - pollution as a result of overconsumption.

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