Participation rules



The contest is organized by The New Bulgarian University and Balkan Fashion Week.


Who can participate?

a)    Bachelor or master program fashion students in their last academic year;

b)    Young designers (up to 35 years), self-employed or employed by another brand;


Until December 20th  2018 the applicants must send following materials on-line on the contest site:

a)    A filled-in registration form and a scanned and signed copy of the Participation Rules;

b)    A brief CV (up to 1 page) with a photo and contact information: address, GSM number, e-mail;

c)     For students: An academic certificate stating the year of education or a higher education diploma;

d)    For young designers: A brief presentation of their work so far, in one document  (PDF), certificates, awards, media appearances, if any;

Until January 10th, 2019: send or present to the address: NBU, office 509, Floor 5, Building 2, 21, Montevideo St., Sofia, the following:

e)    A PDF portfolio in one file, containing a concept description (up to 250 words), colored illustrations and technical sketches of the collection designs, material samples;

A photo-session is recommendable, but not obligatory.

f)      The collection should consist of 5 to 8 woman’s or man’s outfits  including the necessary accessories;

All materials sent by the participants can be used to promote the contest (a catalogue of the event, a web site, a blog, presentation of the participants, etc.)


The outfits should correspond exactly to the sketches and the technical descriptions in the portfolio.


Men: Height=185 сm Chest=102 сm Waist=82 сm Hips=101 сm

Women: Height =177 сm Chest=90 сm Waist=65 сm Hips=94 сm

Materials: Any materials and technologies can be used.

There are no requirements to the season or style of the collection.


The jury will make its first estimation between February 10th and 20th 2019. All portfolios sent will be examined and the approved 12 applicants will be invited to participate in the final event taking place in front of audience and the media.

 The applicants should be ready with the prepared collections, as well as a total vision concept (accessories, shoes, make-up, hair-do) until May 15th, 2019.

The jury preserves the right to deny outfits which do not correspond to the designs or to the requirements of high quality professional work.

6.     THE JURY:

The jury consists of national and international fashion experts, designers, stylists, journalists, fashion photographers, etc. The selection criteria comprise creativity, Zeitgeist, innovation and applicability or a possibility to make applicable. At the final stage the preciseness and quality of work will be assessed.

Jury members:

Adrien Roberts, Vesselin Yordanov, Sandra Klincheva, Nikolai Bojilov, Nikolai Pachev, Nikolai Buzov, Maria Koleva (BFW), Kristina Simidchiiska (ЕVA), Milko Boyarov, Diyana Florentin, Evelyn Vratsidas

7.     AWARDS:

-        Best collection: 10000 BGR and participation in the next BFW edition

-        Fashion master program in the NBU

-        A multi-functional sewing machine


The preparation expenses for the collections, travelling and accommodation in Sofia during the final stage are at the cost of the participants.

The organizers shall ensure all the event expenses such as location, lighting and music, technical performance, models.

9.     RIGHTS:

 All outfits remain designers’ ownership. The organizers preserve their rights on the printed and digital contest materials.



 The organizers bear no responsibility for stolen or damaged portfolios and outfits during their transportation.